afl++ v3.10c release

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Mar 1, 2021, 4:21:43 AM3/1/21

a new release of afl++ has arrived!

The changelog is again pretty long, the highlights:
- again better performance, qasan for qemu
- updated android and Mac OS ARM64 support
- better redqueen/CMPLOG
- source based selective instrumentation
- as usual bugfixes and QOL

### Version ++3.10c (release)
- Mac OS ARM64 support
- Android support fixed and updated by Joey Jiaojg - thanks!
- New selective instrumentation option with __AFL_COVERAGE_* commands
to be placed in the source code.
Check out instrumentation/
- afl-fuzz
- Making AFL_MAP_SIZE (mostly) obsolete - afl-fuzz now learns on
start the target map size
- upgraded cmplog/redqueen: solving for floating point, solving
transformations (e.g. toupper, tolower, to/from hex, xor,
arithmetics, etc.). This is costly hence new command line option
`-l` that sets the intensity (values 1 to 3). Recommended is 2.
- added `AFL_CMPLOG_ONLY_NEW` to not use cmplog on initial seeds
from `-i` or resumes (these have most likely already been done)
- fix crash for very, very fast targets+systems (thanks to mhlakhani
for reporting)
- on restarts (`-i`)/autoresume (AFL_AUTORESUME) the stats are now
reloaded and used, thanks to Vimal Joseph for this patch!
- changed the meaning of '+' of the '-t' option, it now means to
auto-calculate the timeout with the value given being the max
timeout. The original meaning of skipping timeouts instead of
abort is now inherent to the -t option.
- if deterministic mode is active (`-D`, or `-M` without `-d`) then
we sync after every queue entry as this can take very long time
- added minimum SYNC_TIME to include/config.h (30 minutes default)
- better detection if a target needs a large shared map
- fix for `-Z`
- fixed a few crashes
- switched to an even faster RNG
- added hghwng's patch for faster trace map analysis
- printing suggestions for mistyped `AFL_` env variables
- added Rust bindings for custom mutators (thanks @julihoh)
- afl-cc
- allow instrumenting LLVMFuzzerTestOneInput
- fixed endless loop for allow/blocklist lines starting with a
comment (thanks to Zherya for reporting)
- cmplog/redqueen now also tracks floating point, _ExtInt() + 128bit
- cmplog/redqueen can now process basic libc++ and libstdc++
std::string comparisons (no position or length type variants)
- added support for __afl_coverage_interesting() for LTO and our
own PCGUARD (llvm 10.0.1+), read more about this function and
selective coverage in instrumentation/
- added AFL_LLVM_INSTRUMENT option NATIVE for native clang pc-guard
support (less performant than our own), GCC for old afl-gcc and
CLANG for old afl-clang
- fixed a potential crash in the LAF feature
- workaround for llvm bitcast lto bug
- workaround for llvm 13
- qemuafl
- QASan (address sanitizer for Qemu) ported to qemuafl!
See qemu_mode/libqasan/
- solved some persistent mode bugs (thanks Dil4rd)
- solved an issue when dumping the memory maps (thanks wizche)
- Android support for QASan
- unicornafl
- Substantial speed gains in python bindings for certain use cases
- Improved rust bindings
- Added a new example harness to compare python, c and rust bindings
- afl-cmin and afl-showmap now support the -f option
- afl_plot now also generates a graph on the discovered edges
- changed default: no memory limit for afl-cmin and afl-cmin.bash
- warn on any _AFL and __AFL env vars.
- set AFL_IGNORE_UNKNOWN_ENVS to not warn on unknown AFL_... env vars
- added dummy Makefile to instrumentation/
- Updated utils/afl_frida to be 5% faster, 7% on x86_x64
- Added `AFL_KILL_SIGNAL` env variable (thanks @v-p-b)
- @Edznux added a nice documentation on how to use rpc.statsd with
afl++ in docs/, thanks!


Marc Heuse

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