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dezo kun

Jan 22, 2018, 7:05:15 PM1/22/18
to aedict-users
when pushing the speech button for letting the app speak out a kanji, one is presented by a box with regularly 2 choices to pick from. mostly it is the Kanji and hiragana reading.
after having chosen one the word gets voiced.

my question: can you remove this choice between kanji and hiragana, due to them being one and the same thing when it comes to actually utter them. :)
it would improve the work flow.


Martin Vysny

Jan 23, 2018, 8:30:38 AM1/23/18
to aedict...@googlegroups.com
Sure - previously the reading was used since the text-to-speech engine
couldn't figure out those kanjis and would just say nothing. However,
the TTS engines have improved considerably and I should now simply speak
kanjis. Can you please open a bug report for this?

Jim Breen

Jan 23, 2018, 5:52:33 PM1/23/18
to aedict-users
How does kanji-based TTS handle cases where there are quite different
words with the same kanji forms? For example:

内輪 うちわ moderate; private matter
内輪 ないりん inner ring (e.g. washer)


川柳 かわやなぎ riverside willow
川柳 せんりゅう comic haiku


Martin Vysny

Jan 24, 2018, 2:05:59 AM1/24/18
to aedict...@googlegroups.com
Hi Jim,

  I am not aware of any means on how to force TTS to read given kanjis with given readings - passing in e.g. furigana as [内輪;うちわ] would probably cause TTS to read that as two separate words.

  It thus looks to me that it is left to the TTS engine to select the proper reading. Since those algorithms are proprietary (e.g. the default TTS engine is Google-based and runs on Google servers I think), it's hard to say how they behave. I guess it will just pick the more common reading. I'm not sure whether the TTS engine can infer reading from context; however I assume those engines to be AI-based nowadays so it could figure out the proper reading on its own.

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