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Peter Smith

Apr 8, 2018, 5:47:36 AM4/8/18
to aedict-users
I love the app, but I have a problem. I have to keep opening the app every time I want to use it. It will remain open - i.e. I can copy to the clipboard and the reader will pop up - but after about 5 minutes, it will no longer detect the clipboard. I then have to re-open the app. I have Watch Clipboard checked in the settings. 

I have used the app for a long time, and for long periods it worked fine. But now it will not automatically show the pop up with translation.

I mainly use it for Kindle app books, but I have the same problem browsing web pages. It will not detect without opening the app up every time I need to use it.

Hope you can help.



Apr 9, 2018, 1:28:05 AM4/9/18
to aedict-users

Another Kindle/Aedict reader user here.

Until the dev has time to respond properly, I would advise using the Aedict Reader notification bar option. It doesn't fix the issue, but at least you can reopen the app from the notification drawer instead of anything more fiddly. (In my case, my phone doesn't properly handle background tasks like Aedict Reader - but since you had times when it worked fine, your problem could be subtly different to mine)

My apologies if you've already tried the above.

(Off-topic, any books that you would recommend? I found ちょっと今から仕事やめてくる a pretty easy-going but engaging read.)

All the best,


Martin Vysny

Apr 9, 2018, 3:05:51 AM4/9/18

  it seems that Kindle kills Aedict Popup in spite of Popup having a service defined. You can verify in your device settings that when the Popup stops responding, the Popup service is stopped. The service is stopped by the Android system, even though there is a promise by Android to only stop services when the system is really really low on memory. I guess Kindle is somewhat special in this regard, maybe it stops Services to save battery/go into deep sleep/some other reason.

The thing is that when Popup is killed by Android, the clipboard listener is removed by Android and there's not much Aedict Popup can do about it. The only thing is to add an alarm timer which wakes up Popup every 1 second and re-registers the clipboard listener. The trouble with this solution is that it would kill your battery really fast, that's why the AlarmService actually only allows wake-up calls once every 60 seconds or so. That would mean that the Popup is basically randomly dead for 1..59 seconds until the alarm service ticks.

  I have created a question regarding this:
Don't hold your breath though - Android is a piece of crap and this limitation is probably not solvable.

I imagine that the Google Translate service suffers from the very same issue. It would be interesting to test this assumption.

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Martin Vysny

Apr 9, 2018, 3:08:30 AM4/9/18
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