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Russell Beckett

Aug 22, 2022, 11:32:10 AM8/22/22
to AE Creations Help and Support Forums
I have used clippings extensively, and have multiple similar wording for some of them. I invoke them with an accelerator key, however, when the popup comes up where the variable values are requested, so there is no indication if the right clipping was selected or not.

Let me explain with a simplified example

Clipping 1. Title: Follow up for closure
"I have not heard from you for ${days} days. Let me know if this ticket can be closed"
Clipping 2. Title: Follow up to insist
"I have not heard from you for ${days} days. Have you managed to get the info I requested"

When I select either of them using the accelerator key, I would very much appreciate the title is displayed so I know I chose the right one.
Extension (Clippings) - Paste Clipping — Mozilla Firefox.jpg
All these follow up clippings are associated with numeric keys, so it is easy to choose incorrectly, and I will only find out once I entered all the variables (I have 3 variables) and then check what was written as the final output.

I hope you consider this enhancement useful



Aug 24, 2022, 10:40:59 PM8/24/22
to AE Creations Help and Support Forums
This is a great suggestion, and I will add this enhancement in a future release.


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