Client Library Updates: Part 1

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May 14, 2009, 4:00:15 PM5/14/09
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There are a lot of changes going on with the AdWords API lately and
we'd like to take a minute to talk about what else we have in store.
In recent news, we released the API v2009 Sandbox and we appreciate
all the great feedback we are getting (keep it coming!). With the
release the v200902 API, we also have begun updating the client
libraries for each of the supported languages. The client libraries
have always made it simple for both first time developers and experts
to use our API and we are now adding even more features to improve
your API experience.

Above all, we want to allow you to experiment with the API v2009
Sandbox while still being able to make production calls to the v13
version. To that extent, each client library now has cross-version
compatibility so that v200902 code and v13 code can be run together.
It still stands, though, that v200902 can only operate within the
Sandbox. Included in each client library are some examples showing you
how to use the v13 code along with v200902 to supplement your

In addition to our existing list of supported client libraries, a new
Perl client library, found here

has been developed specifically for use with v200902. This library
does not include support for the v13 services, but it does offer most
of the functionality that our other client libraries offer.

The support for v200902 in the APIlity (PHP) client library is in the
works as well.

Here's some other features that you'll find in the new refresh of each
client library:

* Improved logging support.
* Reports can now be downloaded through the client library.
* Full support for UTF-8 encoding.
* Thread-safe architecture.

As always, you can find a list of supported client libraries here:

We'll be releasing more features as the client library update
continues, so stay tuned!

-- Adam Rogal, AdWords API Team
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