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Feb 15, 2008, 2:42:15 PM2/15/08
to AdWords API Forum
The AdWords API Team is pleased to announce the start of a program to
recognize AdWords API developers who have historically made helpful
contributions to the development community. Their contributions have
come in the form of insightful forum postings, timely answers to
fellow developers' questions, and in some cases developing and
maintaining of a client library for a particular language.

The initial AdWords API Gurus are Rohan Almeida, Pete Lavetsky, and
Ryan Leavengood. You'll be able to recognize their Forum postings from
the "(AdWords API Guru)" that appears after their names. As always,
the official posts from the AdWords API team will be identified as
coming from "AdWordsAPIAdvisor".

We're very happy to launch this program in the AdWords API community,
and look forward to expanding it to recognize additional contributions
in the months to come.
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