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Feb 3, 2023, 2:42:47 PMFeb 3


Thanks for reaching out to the Google Ads API Support.

I had to delete your post as I can see that the developer token got exposed. Kindly refrain from posting such details on the forum. I highly suggest resetting your developer token since it got exposed publicly. A reset will immediately invalidate your previous token, so any API requests using the old token will fail. However, a reset will not trigger a re-review and approval for the new developer token. You can start using the new developer token immediately. 

Here’s the below redacted forum concern for reference:

“Hi Team,

I'm a TAM on the Google Cloud SF Enterprise Team. My Google Cloud Customer Mixpanel is having a production issue related to their integration with thee Ads API.

TL;DR is that they were relying on the AdWords API to sync cohorts from Mixpanel to Google Ads and that endpoint is no longer functioning. While trying to migrate from the old AdWords API to the latest Google Ads API (as recommended here), Mixpanel has run into an issue.This has production impact for them: customers that were using the Google Ads integration Mixpanel offers to sync their cohorts to Google Ads haven’t been able to do starting Jan 15th or so.

Mixpanel's Customer ID: 247-586-0313

Please let me know what's the best possible avenue to resolve this.”


However, for us to investigate errors you are encountering using the new Google Ads API, could you please provide us the complete logs in the format of the request and response logs along with request-id as seen in their respective links?

In addition, we recommend enabling logging to capture complete details if any error occurs by navigating to the Client libraries > Your client library (ex Java) > Logging documentation, which you can access from this link

You may send the complete logs via reply privately to author option.


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