adwords4r Ruby Client Library 11.1.0 Release

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Mar 3, 2008, 12:30:37 PM3/3/08
to AdWords API Forum
Hello Ruby Developers,

I'm pleased to announce the 11.1.0 release of the AdWords API Ruby
Client Library, adwords4r. It is packaged as a Ruby gem archive and
can be installed with the "gem install adwords4r" command. For those
who don't use the gem environment, you can also download it from

The changes in version 11.1.0 are as follows:

- Added additional attributes to the AdWords::Error::ApiError class.
This should make it easier to get all the useful SOAP fault
information, some of which wasn't available in the previous version.
The extra attributes
are :trigger_ex, :soap_faultcode_ex, :soap_faultstring_ex,
and :code_ex
- Added static methods to the AdWords::API class to retrieve API unit
usage information.
AdWords::API.get_total_units() will return the a running total of
API units used since the API was initialized.
AdWords::API.get_last_units() will return the number of API units
used for the last API call.
- Started the process of creating new sample code. The existing code
samples are a bit lacking and were moved to the 'examples/old'
A new sample program, 'examples/reports.rb' was created. This sample
validates, schedules, and downloads a Keyword Structure report.
It's a fairly extensive sample and illustrates some of the new API
features as well as general best-practices.
Look for more sample code in future releases.
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