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Jan 20, 2009, 2:58:15 PM1/20/09
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The following is the text of an email message that will be sent out to
specific AdWords account holders who are affected by an upcoming
change to our login process. Full details of the change are outlined
in the mail, along with links to receive more information. While the
majority of AdWords accounts will not be affected, one potential
scenario that could lead to an account being affected is if it were
created several years ago and the account holder never logs in to the
AdWords web interface--because, for instance, the account is being
managed by an Agency or SEM via the AdWords API.



You're receiving this email because you have an AdWords account but
are not yet using a Google Account email and password with that

All AdWords users, including advertisers using the AdWords API for
account access, must now create a Google Account login and password
for each of their accounts. You must make this change by February 12,
2009 in order to maintain access to your account. (It's important:
Your ad campaigns will keep running even if you don't update your
login information. In that case, your ads will keep running until you
contact the AdWords support team and regain access to your account.)

Here's some background: In October of 2005 we introduced Google
Accounts, which let you use a single email and password to access many
Google services -- like AdWords, Google Groups, Gmail, and other
products. Google Accounts make account access simpler and more secure
for users.

Until now, AdWords advertisers had a choice of keeping their old
AdWords login information or switching to a Google Account. But now,
to ensure the same level of account security for everyone, we will
require that all AdWords advertisers use a Google Account. That's why
you'll need to update your own AdWords email address and password to a
Google Account by February 12th.

We know nobody likes to change their login information, and we
appreciate your cooperation. This change won't affect your ads, your
budget, or anything else about how your AdWords account currently
works. You will be changing only the email address and password you
use to log in to your account.

To keep using your account without interruption, sign into your
AdWords account and follow the instructions you'll find there. You'll
also find step-by-step instructions here:

Remember, if you don't update to a Google Account before February
12th, your AdWords ads WILL CONTINUE TO RUN using the settings you've
chosen. Your ads will still run even if you can't log into your
account. If you don't make the change, you'll receive an 'invalid
password' error when you try to log in to AdWords after February 12th.
In that case, you'll need to contact AdWords Support to regain access
to your account. If that happens, please reply to this email or write
to adwords...@google.com for additional help.
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