v13 ReportService returns code 0 on some requests

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May 6, 2010, 2:53:53 AM5/6/10
to AdWords API Forum

I am using APIlity PHP library to fetch v13 keyword reports. The
system returns following error when trying to fetch a report on
certain campaign:

Ouch! I am not proud to announce the following AdWords API Exception:
Message: An internal error has occurred. Please retry your request.
Trigger: N/A
Code: 0
Fault Origin: [PATH_TO_PHP_FILE]:downloadXmlReport()
SOAP Parameters:

Now, the curious bit is that I'm using APIlity's getKeywordTsvReport
to request the report, yet the error appears to stem from an XML-
related function.Running several tests with the same code against some
other campaigns appears to return a report just fine.

For reference, the APIlity call I am using, which shouldn't have
anything strange in it:

$name = 'keyword report',
$startDay = $start,
$endDay = $end,
$selectedColumns = array('Keyword', 'KeywordId', 'Impressions',
'Clicks', 'AveragePosition'),
$aggregationTypes = array ('Summary'),
$campaigns = $campaign_ids,
$campaignStatuses = array(),
$adGroups = array(),
$adGroupStatuses = array(),
$keywords = array(),
$keywordStatuses = array(),
$adWordsType = '',
$keywordType = '',
$isCrossClient = false,
$clientEmails = array(),
$includeZeroImpression = false,
$sleepTime = 30,
$validateFirst = false

This could be related to another thing we've been seeing: a few
campaigns never return a report when requested. I can wait upwards to
ten minutes and the routine seems to forever stall at the report
fetch, no errors no nothing. It could be a coincidence, but these all
seem to have appeared after the v13 sunset, the code's been running
since last summer without problems like these.

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May 7, 2010, 9:51:20 AM5/7/10
to AdWords API Forum

We are currently looking at some performance issues with the
ReportService, which could be related to the stalling that you are
seeing. For now I would recommend that you wait until the report job
completes, which may take longer than normal.

- Eric Koleda, AdWords API Team
> Also find us on our blog and discussion group:http://adwordsapi.blogspot.comhttp://groups.google.com/group/adwords-api


May 10, 2010, 1:47:59 AM5/10/10
to AdWords API Forum
Thank you for the reply.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge on APIlity can advise, but the
only method I can see for that is to increase the sleeptime value in
the report request, which seems to be an entirely undocumented feature.
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