Nikon D70s Tethering

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Aug 11, 2009, 11:22:46 AM8/11/09
Im hoping someone can help me.

I have Camera Capture that came with my D70s. It works on XP but as it
turns out it does not work on Vista. There is no plan to upgrade by

Is there a free tethering software that works with D70s. The Nikon
software camera capture pro is like 175$. Im sure it comes with way
more features than I need.


Nate Eaton

Sep 20, 2009, 11:46:59 AM9/20/09

There is a great free alternative available here:

Unfortunately, it has issues under Vista that are probably similar to
what you've seen. Here's a summary of the problem:

In Vista, MS implemented the Windows Portable Device API and then
implemented a WPD driver that provides support for Windows Image
Acquisition (WIA) API. It appears, based on testing I’ve done, that
you get significantly different and reduced functionality with WPD-
>WIA on Vista vs. WIA on XP. Under Vista, properties like picture
height & width no longer exist, and the values for properties like
Exposure Comp are completely different (at least for negative values,
which explains why Camera Control can’t set a negative exp comp value
when running under Vista).

Note that while some features may not be implementable using WPD,
others probably are but require an update to the calling code to
account for differences in native WIA under XP and WIA as implemented
with Vista (and Windows 7) under WPD. I expect that eventually someone
- the author of DIYPhotoBits Camera Control, myself or someone else
using it with the appropriate experience - will make the updates
necessary for it to work more like it should under Vista.

In the mean time, you might try it anyway - several people have posted
workarounds on DIYPhotoBits that may be just enough for it to be a
free workable solution for you.

On a related note, can anyone with experience with Camera Capture Pro
comment on how it works on Vista? I have to assume Nikon made it work,
though presumably they've had to develop their own imaging API rather
than relying on WPD/WIA.


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