AI 10.0.3 and FinderPop conflict in OS 9

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Lukas Machata

23.05.2003, 11:33:5023.05.03

While migrating from the sinking ship called Freehand I came accross a quite
serious conflict between AI 10.0.3 (German) and FinderPop (an excelent
control panel enabling enhanced navigation possibilities, for those who
don't know).
When I invoke FinderPop's menubar menu while AI is the front most app, AI
crashes with Error 1, leaving artefacts on the screen. Rebooting immediately
makes it at least possible to save other work.

I have checked the extensions: Restarting with "'Mac OS 9.1 All' +
FinderPop" made clear that FinderPop is the culprit (or, depending on the
point of view, the *victim*... ;)

It's the first FinderPop conflict of such kind I have encountered in the
last 3 years; no other app has ever had problems with it.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance
Lukas Machata |
G4/466, 896 MB RAM, OS 9.1 German

Jay Petronis

24.05.2003, 00:16:4924.05.03
There's no conflict between FinderPop 1.9.2 and AI that I've seen. Both AI 10.0.3 and 9.0.2 remain running as expected.

However, I've got Mac OS 9.2.2 rather than 9.1; maybe upgrading the system will be necessary.


Lukas Machata

26.05.2003, 07:08:2626.05.03
Thanks for your response, Jay.

Well, in the meantime I have done some testing on my iBook booting from the preinstalled OS 9.2.2: The same error 1, so it's definitely not because of the OS version, except there would be a conflict within a particular *language* version of either the OS or AI or FP (it wouldn't be the first one of such a kind...).

For now I have turned off FinderPop and try to live for a while without it, at least while using AI (it's quite unusual after all those years, fornutalely I have other navigation helpers like Navi iRae, Wapp Pro or A-Dock). Later I'll try if installing the original English version of FP makes a difference, or perhaps changing it's settings; maybe I only need to turn off one of FP's options.

Best regards

Lukas Machata

26.05.2003, 12:54:2026.05.03
Okay, turning off the Menu Bar contextual menu in FinderPop makes the rest
of this little gem usable again, at least. No crashes in AI so far.

From what I remember reading about Carbon apps (like AI10) in OS 9, many of
them don't (didn't?) appreciate stuff being added to the main Menu Bar: OSA
Menu and the like. Perhaps there's a relation with this AI vs. FP conflict.

Fortunately, OSA Menu doesn't seem to cause any conflicts in my case; and I
use it quite a lot. There has been a "silent" (not exactly public...) update
to OSA Menu (v1.2.3d7) some time ago which is supposed to solve the
conflicts with the CarbonLib -- and obviously it does. You can download it
I use this version since one and half years without problems.

Lukas Machata |

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