Implementation of Addrss Sanitizer on Android AOSP and get reports for the same.

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Feb 9, 2023, 2:22:09 PM2/9/23
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Hi All,

I am very new to Address Sanitizer. I implemented Address sanitizer on sample c/c++ files named "free.c" and got error reports in command terminal. Command I used for the same , I am mentioning below:

clang -fsanitize=address -O1 -fno-omit-frame-pointer -g tests/use-after-free.c

output: Ex-1
% ./a.out
==9901==ERROR: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free on address 0x60700000dfb5 at pc 0x45917b bp 0x7fff4490c700 sp 0x7fff4490c6f8
READ of size 1 at 0x60700000dfb5 thread T0
    #0 0x45917a in main use-after-free.c:5
    #1 0x7fce9f25e76c in __libc_start_main /build/buildd/eglibc-2.15/csu/libc-start.c:226
    #2 0x459074 in _start (a.out+0x459074)
0x60700000dfb5 is located 5 bytes inside of 80-byte region [0x60700000dfb0,0x60700000e000)
freed by thread T0 here:
    #0 0x4441ee in __interceptor_free projects/compiler-rt/lib/asan/
    #1 0x45914a in main use-after-free.c:4
    #2 0x7fce9f25e76c in __libc_start_main /build/buildd/eglibc-2.15/csu/libc-start.c:226
previously allocated by thread T0 here:
    #0 0x44436e in __interceptor_malloc projects/compiler-rt/lib/asan/
    #1 0x45913f in main use-after-free.c:3
    #2 0x7fce9f25e76c in __libc_start_main /build/buildd/eglibc-2.15/csu/libc-start.c:226
SUMMARY: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free use-after-free.c:5 main

Likewise , I want to implement Address Sanitizer on AOSP c/c++ files while building the source code. I want similar kind of error reporting in building AOSP with Address Sanitizer.
I tried adding some CFLAGS and LOCAL_SANITIZE tags in files and kept the same sample "free.c" files in an apps folder. It is getting build successfully but it should give same error report as it is throwing in Ex-1 above.

If anyone knows, please help me on this. Thanks in advance.

Thanks and regards,
Anupam Anurag
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