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Dave Child

Jul 8, 2008, 1:36:05 PM7/8/08
to Added Bytes Google Group
Hi everyone! I was worried the group would be me by myself for a
while, so nice to see a few people wanting to help already.

I'm busy beavering away on the new Python cheat sheet, and hope to
release it this month. I'm interesting in getting your thoughts on
content for the content, especially if you have experience with

At the moment, I have added the following items to the cheat sheet
(although any of these could be removed if unnecessary or unhelpful):

Date formatting arguments
Indexes and Slices (see the indexes and slices reference at
Regex Syntax (fairly standard for programming cheat sheets)
String Methods
Class Special Methods (__new__, __init__, etc)

Those fill a little over 2/3 of the available space, so there's at
least the balance of a column left to fill, and possibly more if any
of the above is removed.

A few of the other items I've thought about adding so far are:

* More methods (filesystem and array/list methods have proved useful
for other languages)
* Built-in object, functions or exceptions
* Data types
* Reserved Words
* Command line (invocation) options
* Attributes (http://rgruet.free.fr/PQR24/PQR2.4.html#typeAttributes)
* Operators (there seem to be more than is typical)

Any thoughts on the content list so far, and what should fill the
remaining space?

I'm hoping to get a preview release done by a week today, and will
release it to the group first to get some feedback, and then will
release is as soon as possible, depending on how much needs changing
and how long it takes me to write up the description of the content.


Dave Child

Jul 17, 2008, 9:35:23 AM7/17/08
to Added Bytes Cheat Sheets
I've been busy dealing with more hosting problems this last week, so
if anyone has any thoughts on the Python cheat sheet content, it's not
too late to add them :)



Jul 21, 2008, 6:49:49 PM7/21/08
to Added Bytes Cheat Sheets
I always like the list of functions most, reserved words and command
line options are not so interesting, because you rarely look up that.
And from the Exceptions only the most important ones, like IndexError,
KeyErrory, TypeError and ZeroDivision Error.
Maybe you should have a look at some important modules like os.
And you could mention sys.argv[].

Best regards, Charly

David Child

Jul 28, 2008, 5:26:21 AM7/28/08
to added-bytes-...@googlegroups.com
Hi Charly,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. I spent some time on this at
the weekend.

I've added a sys.argv section, but wanted to check something - did you
mean a sort of visual example of how vars are assigned from the
command line to sys.argv? I've added a block with a python command
line call with arguments and shown how they are assigned to sys.argv
below that.

I added an os variables section and a sys variables section. I did try
and add the methods, but there's no way to fit that in without either
arbitrarily removing many of the methods (managed to get it down to 83
items without removing anything but no further) or bumping at least 2
other sections.


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