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Dec 7, 2020, 5:48:10 AM12/7/20
to Add-on Budget n Sheets Forum
The new version v0.36.0 has considerable changes, some impacting all current users. Please, read the complete announcement carefully!

In this version, you can make backups and restore it to a new spreadsheet. This feature requires access to your Google Drive, so it is an additional permission required to run the add-on. Given its impact in the users privacy, the section "Access to Your Google Drive" of the (complete) release notes gives an explanation on "how" and "when" the add-on will be accessing your Drive, how Google review this change, and what else has been done to assure your privacy.

The Backup and Restore feature is an ongoing project, so there may be a few bugs and unexpected behavior. You are invited to provide feedback, post questions, and report any issues here!

Other noticeable changes are:
  • Added support for "decimals places" option in Settings: choose the number of decimals places to format the numbers (currency).
  • Upgrade from Rhino to V8 runtime: improved performance and reliability while taking advantage of modern JavaScript features.

If you’re interested in participating, describe your issue or share your ideas. Read the complete announcement: Release Notes.


Dec 16, 2020, 3:55:10 AM12/16/20
to Add-on Budget n Sheets Forum
Version v0.36.4 of Budget n Sheets introduces the use of Developer Metadata: it allows the add-on to access and modify (add, edit and remove) metadata (small pieces of information) to the spreadsheet. It also allows the add-on to access and modify metadata from other spreadsheets. The metadata is not in use to track the user. Instead, it will be used in the next feature "Copy your data.

The budget spreadsheet details and settings stored in metadata are:
  • Financial year
  • Initial month
  • Financial calendar
  • Number of accounts
  • Accounts
  • Cards
  • Budget n Sheets signature
The information listed above is stored with limited visibility as well: only the add-on can access and modify the metadata. The add-on doesn't allow other add-ons and scripts to access it either, and the add-on does not access metadata other than its own.

The Developer Metadata was introduced as part of the next feature "Copy your data": this option allows you to select an existing budget spreadsheet in the setup process. At the end of the spreadsheet build, the add-on automatically copies all transactions, accounts, cards, tags, and settings to the new spreadsheet.

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