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Nicola Nixon

Apr 8, 2022, 3:24:30 AMApr 8
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Greetings adaptdev friends,

This week we blogged some reflections on our conversations with civil society on adaptive management. Interested to know if any of this resonates... or if not! And just as importantly what we can do about it. 




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Alan Hudson

Apr 11, 2022, 7:01:51 AMApr 11
to Nicola Nixon, adap...@googlegroups.com
Thanks for sharing this interesting piece Nicola.

My overall reaction connects, I think, with that of Antro, in the comments, and connects to wider discussions about localization and what sort of localization might lead to more locally-led development (see for instance, this recent piece by Arbie Baguios and colleagues)

That is, that what would be most useful would be for those of us who have been keen to explore the potential value of adaptive approaches to spend more time listening more carefully to the actors who are on the frontlines of addressing particular challenges, as the Asia Foundation has been doing.

That might make for more constructive conversations about the needs of frontline actors, and whether and how we (by which I mean intermediary organizations, such as the one I work for) might - or might not - be able to help them meet their needs.

I'd love to hear from frontline actors on this list about what challenges you've faced in communicating your needs to potential international partners, and from frontline actors about how you go about listening to the needs of potential frontline actors.

This is something that we are actively trying to up our game on at Global Integrity. The recent edition of the Co-Impact Handbook provides some useful food for thought in this area, with commendable transparency about how they engage with partners.

I also LOVE "think, make, play, improve" from Karkhana Samuha in Nepal.

best wishes,
Alan Hudson // Executive Director // Global Integrity // Twitter @alanhudson1 // Operator & Member of the Open Gov Hub

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