Adaptive Management across Project Cycles

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Florencia Guerzovich

Aug 9, 2023, 6:55:39 AM8/9/23
to Adaptive Development | #AdaptDev
Dear all, 

Some thoughts on Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning Adaptive Management Across Project Cycles - or Layering as Tom Aston and I also call the phenomenon.

We've found this practice from the ground up as we captured tacit knowledge from savvy practitioners, communities and donors. These colleagues defy the dichotomy between short-term projects and decades-long change by purposely weaving the results and best bits of a previous project into a new ones sequentially, over time - without replicating it but adapting to evolving contextual and organizational circumstances. 

Much evaluation and discourse  is so focused on the snapshots that misses these movies - paraphrasing Paul Pierson. 

In this post, I explore the implications of taking time seriously for Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning the kind of additive effects (whole more than sum of the parts) that are now ubiquitous in efforts to change systems and portfolio-level work (here and here).   

Florencia Guerzovich 

Jindra Cekan

Aug 11, 2023, 12:12:14 PM8/11/23
to Florencia Guerzovich, Adaptive Development | #AdaptDev
Florencia, really like that you put time into MEL including ex-post, as well as layering (always ignored, but can be an excellent way to get to results. I think it's one of the many reasons this CRS project worked so well, the result of several 5-year USAID grants:

You may also be interested in issues like long-term
Warmly, Jindra

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Florencia Guerzovich

Aug 11, 2023, 12:15:55 PM8/11/23
to Jindra Cekan, Adaptive Development | #AdaptDev
Thank you so much for sharing! Looking forward to reading these examples 
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