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Ajoy Datta

Aug 10, 2023, 8:24:19 AM8/10/23
Hello colleagues, 

Not sure about you, but I'm finding that the discourse around organisational change hasn't yet caught up with the discourse around adaptive development. So one way to frame this is that there appears to be more acknowledgement about the complexity of change 'out there' but less so 'in here'. What do people think?

To try and address this I've drawn on ideas from the social sciences, complexity sciences and psychoanalysis and written up a piece here on 'getting things done more skillfully' in teams and organisations. 

In it I describe mainstream management practices which generally imply leaders can predict and control and that there are universally applicable tools which can bring about improvement irrespective of content. I then outline how stuff tends to get done in practice, highlighting what happens is a result of what everyone in an organisation/network is doing together. I finish by outlining what leaders/managers might do to get stuff done more skilfully (and more humanely).

I'd really welcome your thoughts!


Ajoy Datta
Consultant specialising in learning, organisational change, diversity, policy advocacy, decision systems and evidence use

Member of ISPSOOPUS and the Eco-leadership Institute

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