One third of all U.S. Internet users now post status updates once per week

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Jan 19, 2010, 2:27:38 PM1/19/10
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From Read Write Web;

"A third of all Internet users in the U.S. now post status updates on
social networking services like Twitter and Facebook at least once per
week. According to new data from Forrester Research..."

My fuzzy math says that millions ( tens of millions? ) of individual
instances of human behavior encapsulated within a status update, being
lost for the lack of a standard

Clicking through to the Forrester blog, Josh Bernoff writes;

"...People have found lots of uses for this data, some of which make
sense to me, and some which don't: How will you use it?."

Bernoff does not mention that in order to make effective use of the
data, be it commercial, academic or whatever, it must be in a
universally accepted format.

Just an FYI from me, "Captain Obvious", underscoring how important
( and urgently needed ) the work being done in this Google Group is.


Chris Messina

Jan 19, 2010, 2:49:53 PM1/19/10
Thanks Todd. Great links.

Given some of the work going on in Haiti using social media, it provides yet another impetus for this work — since you could imagine how valuable it would be for respondents on the scene to be able to syndicate their activities across heterogeneous systems... I don't imagine we'll have something concrete this time around, but it's worth noting the hashtag-based stopgap mechanisms that are being used because of the lack of standardized metadata in the wild:


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