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Walter McGinnis

Sep 20, 2008, 12:17:24 AM9/20/08
to ActiveScaffold : Ruby on Rails plugin

I'm the maintainer of an open source project called Kete (http://
kete.net.nz) that uses ActiveScaffold. Thanks for the handy
software. It's been a great resource for rolling out simple admin
interfaces rapidly.

I'm writing because we license Kete under GPL 2 and most of the
plugins have compatible licenses, including the majority of
ActiveScaffold, however it has been raised in
that frontends/default/javascripts/rico_corner.js has an Apache 2.0
license that isn't.

There are some solutions that have been suggested:

* Kete updates to GPL 3 (not quite ready to do this without some more
homework on the Kete project's part)

* Kete works around rico_corner.js by implementing with a replacement
with compatible license (rather not spend time on this or fork if it
can be avoided)

* Kete gets specific permission to use rico_corner.js (i.e. Kete gets
a license other than existing one to use it)

From my perspective the last suggestion is the easiest for both
projects. Is it possible? May Kete haver permission pretty please?


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