Getting error in calling purchase method for QuickbooksGateway.

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Jai shanker

Sep 11, 2015, 2:11:25 PM9/11/15
to Active Merchant
Please find link fro more clarification:

Hi, I am integrating QuickbooksGateway using ActiveMerchant gem, Used below code: config.after_initialize do ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.mode = :test ::GATEWAY = :consumer_key => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx', :consumer_secret => 'xxxxxxxxxxx', :access_token => 'xxxxxxxxx', :token_secret => 'xxxxxxxxx', :realm => "xxxxxxxxx" ) end But when doing payment getting error: Call: response = GATEWAY.purchase(self.amount, credit_card, purchase_options) Error: #<ActiveMerchant::Billing::Response:0x007f96e49dfbc0 @params={"errors"=>[{"message"=>"The merchant account could not be validated.", "detail"=>"", "infoLink"=>"", "code"=>"PMT-3000", "type"=>"account_error"}]}, @message="The merchant account could not be validated.", @success=false, @test=true, @authorization=nil, @fraud_review=false, @error_code="processing_error", @emv_authorization=nil, @avs_result={"code"=>nil, "message"=>nil, "street_match"=>nil, "postal_match"=>nil}, @cvv_result={"code"=>nil, "message"=>nil}> Can anyone help me out.

Luke Hutscal

Sep 11, 2015, 2:13:36 PM9/11/15
It sounds like the credentials you're trying to use might be wrong - double check those, and if they're correct maybe try asking Quickbooks support.


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