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Hi all!

I know a lot of you have seen my recent posts on Facebook, spreading the word on various actions that we all can do as Americans to try to keep hatred, racism, and opposition to free speech out of the White House. But many of you don't have Facebook, don't check it often, or prefer to see cute cat and dog videos while there. (I don't blame you!)

After the Presidential Election results came out on November 9th, I was crushed, but also hopeful that a President-elect Trump would cut the racist, isolationist, misogynist rhetoric, and start working for all Americans. In the first two weeks after the election, we saw more of the same Trump who was on the campaign trail, and we saw him appoint people with horrifying histories and ideas to surround him in the White House. It's time for us to take action and get organized. This is not party politics as usual.

I'm going to be sending out weekly action items that we can all do (most take less than 5 minutes!) to fight for a country where equality, opportunity, and respect are available to all citizens.  I'm hoping that a "real" organization will start doing this, but the few I've reached out to haven't done so yet...and I am an impatient person!

Here are our goals to help keep our collective eye on the prize. We aim to:
  1. Create an America where equality, opportunity, and respect exist for all citizens.
  2. Hold our elected officials accountable for their actions and ensure they are putting the American people ahead of their own pocket books.
  3. Create a respectful, collaborative atmosphere for informed debate on important issues, and remind Americans that we're more alike than different.
These may seem like nebulous, pie in the sky type goals, so we are organizing our spreadsheet of ongoing actions and recommended reading to help categorize action items by specific goals/topics. Here are a few first quarter 2017 goals that we'll be focusing on through our weekly action items (while not limiting actions to just these areas):
  1. Protect our democracy by calling for an open investigation to Russian involvement in the 2016 election.
  2. Prevent Donald Trump from using his position as United States President to benefit his business interests throughout the globe. This would be accomplished by a Congressional audit of his finances and by a Congressional investigation of his potential conflicts of interest.
  3. Keep unqualified people out of the White House. In our opinion, the most concerning nominees are Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Scott Pruitt, although there are several others who are not fit to serve our country. (See previous weeks' emails.)
  4. Protect individuals who have benefitted from current policies such as healthcare, immigration, and marriage equality.
Useful Tools
Links to find your representatives:
Calling and speaking with a real human is considered most effective. And the folks manning the phones are typically very polite and respectful - let's make sure we are as well. Guide for effective actions
Please pass this on to anyone and everyone. We MUST make our voices heard. If you have any feedback on how to format his email, what content to include, or who should be added, send it my way!! Here's our link for folks to view the group and sign up: The list of ongoing actions, click here:, and follow us on Twitter at @actionsUSA

Much love,