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Rolando Flores

Aug 31, 2015, 11:40:19 AM8/31/15
to ActionComplete
As a new feature or improvement, I think it would be very useful to select more than one Tag.

Either by Shift-Click or I would prefer write down filters like:

One, Two  = Task with Tags One or Two
(One, Two) = Tasks with Tags One and Two
!One = All Task but the ones with Tag One
And so on, mixing that

Or maybe there is a way to do this that I am not aware of.

Saludos desde Mexico


Boris Burnayev

Aug 31, 2015, 11:50:27 AM8/31/15

Thank you for your suggestion - we'll give it a thought.

Out of curiosity, under what circumstances would you use multi-tag filter?

Kind regards,
Boris Burnayev
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Rolando Flores

Sep 21, 2015, 1:10:10 PM9/21/15
to ActionComplete
For example, I am using a tag for NextStep.
And also, I also I use Personal, BusinessOne, BusinessTwo, Comunity tags for projects, ideas and tasks.

If I want to see NextStep tasks but only for BusinessOne I don't find a way to do it.

Since I am trying to have one reliable system to lay down all my things to do, I end un with a lot of taks, proyects and ideas.
And for what I do to focus better, I force myself during some specific time to work for BusinessOne and just BusnessOne things. 

Sorry for my bad english. Hope I was clear.



Boris Burnayev

Sep 21, 2015, 1:27:06 PM9/21/15

You could setup BusinessOne, BusinessTwo, etc as projects and mark next tasks (actions and waits) linked to these projects with the NextStep tag. If you want a broader view of things, you could also setup an encompassing tag, e.g. Business, and assign it to BusinessOne, ... projects as well as all the child tasks.

Kind regards,
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