Wolf update (Version 1.10) to fix some issues

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Jun 29, 2015, 6:05:26 PM6/29/15
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WOLF 1.10 Release Notes


This release corrects some issues that came up during the 2016 Northwest Indigenous Language Institute (NILI) summer workshops. You can find more information about this institute, by visiting



New loads of the WOLF application are available on the following site's download page: http://cs.sou.edu/~harveyd/wolf



The specific corrections are listed below.

1.  When adding languages and using the variant field for a language dialect, the program now correctly handles both upper and lower case letters. The previous version did not properly respond to upper case letters.

2.  When adding a language, you can type the three character language code, or the font name if you know it. However, type the code without a delay between entering the next letter. This avoids the necessity of scrolling. The previous version also had this capability, but I did not properly explain its use at the workshop.

3.  When entering comments (or other multi-line fields), the multiple line data was merged together when using the "-" and "+" options. The new version now correctly retains the proper formatting.

4.  After sorting, the dictionary now correctly retains the view of the dictionary. The previous version did not (unless an immediate save was done after the sort), which caused a variety of problems when additional words were entered.

5.  When switching the gloss language, the program no longer requires the dictionary to be saved first. The previous version loses part of the last word entered.

6.  The height of the example field is now correct. Its previous height was too big.

7.  The save (or export) options now will default the file name to the same dictionary name that was previously loaded. Therefore, the name does not have to be typed.



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