Sizing pictures for use in ACORNS lessons

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Dec 15, 2010, 4:57:15 PM12/15/10
Using large pictures with ACORNS, can create files that are quite
large. It is a good idea to resize them before dragging and dropping
them into an ACORNS lesson. In Windows, double click on the file. This
will bring up the Microsoft Office picture manager.

In the picture manager, click on picture and then re-size. A dialog
will come up on the right of the display. At the bottom, it tells you
the current size. A full screen picture is 1024x768 pixels. If the
picture is larger, shrink it by percentage and re-save it under a
different name (to preserve the original). Some pictures can be very
large. (One such group of pictures on my disk was 1316x1614 pixels for
example). I re-sized them for use in a Story Book lesson to 33%. As a
result, a Story Book lesson of thirteen pages decreased in size from
20 megabytes to about 2 megabytes.

Other picture management programs will work in similar ways.

In the next version, I'll consider automatically resizing the pictures
in ACORNS, so manually doing this will be unnecessarily.
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