June 2 - New load of beta version

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Jul 3, 2010, 2:01:34 PM7/3/10
Hi all,

I just updated the ACORNS web-site with a new load of the beta 6.00
version. We had a training session last week at Southern Oregon, and a
number of glitches came up, which I fixed. I'll probably wait another
week or so before making version 6.00 the active version. I would
suggest that if you are using the beta version, that you download
again and reinstall.

Beta problems fixed:
1) The help screens weren't working properly
2) When creating a new lesson, if either the title or lesson type
weren't entered, a dialog correctly came up. However, if one canceled
out of the dialog, the lesson was created anyway, without the missing
3) Some dialog boxes would go behind the application screen if the
application screen was clicked after the dialog initially came up. It
appeared as if the program hung, but it was waiting for entry. I fixed
several of these, but if you notice that a dialog disappears, please
let me know. A work-around is to click on the ACORNS icon appearing on
the task bar. This will move the dialog screen back to the front.
4) After creating a web-page from a lesson, on some systems, the web-
page didn't work properly.
5) Picture and Sound lessons: In setup mode, the beta version required
positioning to the top left corner of the acorn to alter the
previously entered information. You can now click anywhere on the
6) Magnet Game lessons: 1) A small percentage of the magnets drew
below the bottom of the display panel, so they were not able to be
dragged. 2) Resetting the game left artifacts from the previous game
around the edges of the display.
7) Hear and Respond lessons: 1) In play mode, decreasing the
difficulty level did not alter the text message which indicated the
current level. 2) Inserting a recording after entering annotations
could sometimes cause the old annotations to be moved inappropriately
and sometimes could cause an index out of bounds error message. 3)
After completing the game in play mode, only part of the text showed
on the screen.
8)Story book: 1) The picture on the first page of the story was
initially scaled incorrectly. After clicking to go to the next page,
the pictures scaled okay.
8) Hear and Click lessons: After exporting and then importing, the
sound wave doesn't display (although it was there and the lesson still
played correctly).

Let me know if anything else comes up.



Jul 12, 2010, 5:29:27 PM7/12/10
Sorry about the title (should have been July 2, not June 2)
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