Processing au files created by Audacity

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Jul 14, 2010, 1:47:26 PM7/14/10
Last week, I got a question regarding the ACORNS Sound Editor
processing files with an "au" extension. I thought it might be useful
to post the answer.

The "au" extension is a well-known audio file extension recognized by
most media players and by the Sound Editor. It is also an extension
used by the popular Audacity program to manipulate audio. Audacity
uses this extension to cut up long audio files into shorter clips; it
stores them into a folder for later processing.

Unfortunately, though the two file types have the same extension, they
are not the same. For example, neither the Sound Editor or media
players (like the Windows Media Player) can handle those files created
by audacity.

To process audio files saved by Audacity with the ACORNS Sound Editor,
you would need to export them from Audacity into a known audio format
(like "wav" for example).

Hope you find this post useful, dan

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