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Jason King

Jan 12, 2015, 5:32:45 PM1/12/15
to, Laura DeWald
Hello everyone (anyone?),

I just released 1.2.0 with the following:
  • The long awaited generator is here, see `bin/rails g acl9:setup -h` for more information, but basically:
    • Creates migration for role and join tables
    • Creates role model
    • Creates configuration skeleton
    • Updates subject model (if needed) with `acts_as_authorization_subject`
    • If you provide object models then it updates them too with `acts_as_authorization_object`
  • Updated configuration so it's nicer than just merging into a hash (merging into hash still works)
  • Role names are now case insensitive everywhere by default (used to be only when used in `access_control` blocks), in fact they're normalized with `.underscore.singularize` - you can disable this if you want with the `normalize_role_names` configuration option, see docs:  In rare circumstances this new default might break existing roles, see for more detail including how to update.
  • Listing users from the object with only a certain role on that object. You've always been able to do `object.users` and get the list of all users with access to a given object, but now you can also do: `object.users :manager` and get only the users with manager access - thanks to Laura DeWald for championing this.
That's it, it's out there - go get it.
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