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Matt Post

Dec 20, 2019, 9:56:45 AM12/20/19
to ACL Anthology
We have processed attachments and corrections through 2019-12-18. A summary of the changes follows.

The Anthology is settling on processing these in a quarterly fashion (see the FAQ:

Added a supplementary:
- A Fully Coreference-annotated Corpus of Scholarly Papers from the ACL Anthology 

- A Lexical Tool for Academic Writing in Spanish based on Expert and Novice Corpora 

Added a presentation:
- Extractive Headline Generation Based on Learning to Rank for Community Question Answering 

- Self-disclosure topic model for classifying and analyzing Twitter conversations 

- A Case Study on Neural Headline Generation for Editing Support 

- How do you pronounce your name? Improving G2P with transliterations 

- Self-Disclosure and Relationship Strength in Twitter Conversations 

- Perplexity on Reduced Corpora 

- Leveraging Transliterations from Multiple Languages 

- Topic Models with Logical Constraints on Words 

- Five Centuries of Monarchy in Korea: Mining the Text of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty 

- A Survey of Recent Advances in Efficient Parsing for Graph Grammars 

- Weighted parsing for grammar-based language models 

- Saliency-driven Word Alignment Interpretation for Neural Machine Translation 

- The Effect of Translationese in Machine Translation Test Sets 

- Results of the WMT19 Metrics Shared Task: Segment-Level and Strong MT Systems Pose Big Challenges 

Added a poster:
- Summarization Based on Embedding Distributions 

- Incremental Skip-gram Model with Negative Sampling 

- Frustratingly Easy Model Ensemble for Abstractive Summarization 

- Variational Hierarchical User-based Conversation Model 

- Gating Mechanisms for Combining Character and Word-level Word Representations: an Empirical Study 

- On Approximately Searching for Similar Word Embeddings 

- PaperRobot: Incremental Draft Generation of Scientific Ideas 

- Dataset Creation for Ranking Constructive News Comments 

- Can You Tell Me How to Get Past Sesame Street? Sentence-Level Pretraining Beyond Language Modeling 

- Compositional Semantic Parsing across Graphbanks 

- Towards Multimodal Sarcasm Detection (An _Obviously_ Perfect Paper) 

- Effects of Game on User Engagement with Spoken Dialogue System 

- The MLLP-UPV German-English Machine Translation System for WMT18 

- The TALP-UPC Machine Translation Systems for WMT19 News Translation Task: Pivoting Techniques for Low Resource MT 

- The MLLP-UPV Supervised Machine Translation Systems for WMT19 News Translation Task 

- CUNI Submission for Low-Resource Languages in WMT News 2019 

- CUNI Systems for the Unsupervised News Translation Task in WMT 2019 

- eTranslation’s Submissions to the WMT 2019 News Translation Task 

- Apertium-fin-eng–Rule-based Shallow Machine Translation for WMT 2019 Shared Task 

- A Test Suite and Manual Evaluation of Document-Level NMT at WMT19 

- SAO WMT19 Test Suite: Machine Translation of Audit Reports 

- UdS Submission for the WMT 19 Automatic Post-Editing Task 

- Dual Monolingual Cross-Entropy Delta Filtering of Noisy Parallel Data 

- A Call for Prudent Choice of Subword Merge Operations in Neural Machine Translation 

- Recurrent One-Hop Predictions for Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs 
  A footnote is added in the page 8 to show that the created 'EnhancedKGP' dataset has a potential leak of test information to training set, due to an inadvertent data preprocessing. 

- Learning Scalar Adjective Intensity from Paraphrases 
  Changed first name of one of the authors. 

- Entity Projection via Machine Translation for Cross-Lingual NER 
  Added missing reference section. 

- Rewarding Coreference Resolvers for Being Consistent with World Knowledge 
  Corrected an error in Figure 2 that incorrectly portrayed the data collection process for training the reward models. 

- HABLex: Human Annotated Bilingual Lexicons for Experiments in Machine Translation 
  This revision corrects data size entries in Table 2 (where the original submission had incorrect values for Chinese and had switched development and test sizes for Russian and Korean) and corrects an error regarding discontiguous alignments in Section 3.3 (some, but not all, discontiguous alignments were removed from the data). 

- Identifying Nuances in Fake News vs. Satire: Using Semantic and Linguistic Cues 
  We corrected a few citations' bibtex entry and made sure they're based on the standard format of the official template.
- We added a short footnote (#2) just to clarify how we calculated the baseline in our paper (this was already available in our GitHub but we thought it may be better to be also in our paper)
- We paraphrased a few sentences in the related work section in one of the paragraphs to make sure they are distinguishable from the original paper.
- We added one sentence to the caption of Table 3 to make sure our numbers can be clearly interpreted by the readers. 

- Using Aspect Extraction Approaches to Generate Review Summaries and User Profiles 
  Changed the first name of an author. 

- SphereRE: Distinguishing Lexical Relations with Hyperspherical Relation Embeddings 
  The name of the first author has changed. 

- The PhotoBook Dataset: Building Common Ground through Visually-Grounded Dialogue 
  The acknowledgements of the paper have been updated to reflect the first author's primary source of funding at the time of writing. 

- TARGER: Neural Argument Mining at Your Fingertips 
  Added a missing reference (footnote 3) and an acknowledgment to a library author. 

- Winter is here: Summarizing Twitter Streams related to Pre-Scheduled Events 
  We added a co-author who made substantial contributions to the project. 

- Neural Word Decomposition Models for Abusive Language Detection 
  Added a third author and removed her name from the acknowledgments. 

- Building a Production Model for Retrieval-Based Chatbots 
  Correctsone of the equations appearing in both the text and in one of the figures. 

- The SIGMORPHON 2019 Shared Task: Morphological Analysis in Context and Cross-Lingual Transfer for Inflection 
  Added an omitted author. 

- Two-stage Federated Phenotyping and Patient Representation Learning 
  Added an acknowledgment section crediting the grant that funded this work. 

- Machine Translation with parfda, Moses, kenlm, nplm, and PRO 
  Clarified notation in Table 7. 

- Sanskrit Sentence Generator 
  The authors have revised some of the explanatory linguistic aspects presented in the paper and produced a revised version. 

- Dependency Parser for Sanskrit Verses 
  The authors have provided a revised version of the draft, which adds more clarity to certain linguistic aspects to the paper. 

- Using LSTMs to Assess the Obligatoriness of Phonological Distinctive Features for Phonotactic Learning 

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