ack v3.6.0 released

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Andy Lester

Aug 22, 2022, 9:41:24 AMAug 22
I've released ack v3.6.0 to the CPAN and There are no new features, just some new filetype settings and doc fixes.

However, v3.7.0 is just around the corner and has a cool new feature: The --not option. This lets you specify regex(es) that must not match your search string, all without having to use lookaheads or lookbehinds.

For example, if you want to search for "tax" but don't want matches for "tax_tables" or "sales_tax" or "income_tax", you do:

ack tax --not tax_tables --not '(sales|income)_tax'

They don't have to be substrings, either. If you want to find "dogs" unless "cats" is on the same line, it's just:

ack dogs --not cats

I have it coded, but I haven't had anyone use it yet, including me. If you'd like to help test it out before I release it, please email me at

Here are the notes for v3.6.0

Added default ignores for Python's pickle serialization format (GH#348)

Added default ignore for Visual Studio's user & workspace settings. Thanks,
Gabor Szabo. (GH#324)

Added support for the Crystal language. Thanks, Gabor Szabo. (GH#340)

Fixed some spelling errors. Thanks, Frieder Bluemle. (GH#310)

Added .sbt as a Scala extension. Thanks, Grzegorz Kaczmarczyk. (GH#322)

Fixed incorrect example in the docs for --range-start. Thanks, Alex Beamish.
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