ignore-dir not working for me... ?

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Patrick Collins

Jun 4, 2021, 12:01:18 AM6/4/21
to ack users
Hello everyone,

I had a rather annoying directory:  ".cache-loader" which is filled with junk and when I am acking, I get huge blobs of logs and cache files that I don't want to see.

I saw in the man, for --ignore-dir=, "The DIRNAME must always be a simple directory name. Nested directories like foo/bar are NOT supported."

I did not know if that meant --ignore-dir should not be a full path such as /Users/me/path/to/.cache-loader ?

And if instead it should just be --ignore-dir=.cache-loader

Regardless, when I have put either of these in my ~/.ackrc file, I still am seeing endless screen scrolling of junk from .cache-loader come up when I ack, and it's making me sad.

Thank you for any guidance.

Andy Lester

Jun 4, 2021, 9:56:01 AM6/4/21
to ack-...@googlegroups.com
> And if instead it should just be --ignore-dir=.cache-loader

You should just have to use --ignore-dir=.cache-loader

Does it work from the command line? If you run

ack -f --ignore-dir=.cache-loader

do you get files in the .cache-loader directory?

If it works from the command line, but not the .ackrc, then maybe there’s a problem there.

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