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Andy Lester

Nov 4, 2007, 10:30:05 PM11/4/07
1.70 Sun Nov 4 21:13:55 CST 2007
Added --lines argument.

Added -1 to the --help output. Thanks Elliot Shank.

Added sanity checks for -m, --after_context and --before_context.

-m and -C didn't play nicely together. Now they do.

1.69_01 Fri Oct 26 2007
Added -A, -B and -C options for showing context after, before
and around your match, respectively. Thanks very much to Torsten
Blix for writing code and tests for this most popular request.

Skips directory autom4te.cache, a cache for autoconf tools, and
cover_db, used by Devel::Cover.

ack used to check for options that didn't make sense together,
like "ack -l --group", and wouldn't run. Now, with the ability
to have options in the environment, and in your .ackrc file, I
was getting a lot of conflicts that didn't make sense. If I
specify "ack -l --group" on the command line, I should get an
error, but if I do "ack -l" and I have "--group" in my .ackrc,
that shouldn't throw an error.

So I know what I want the behavior to be, but I don't know how
I want to code it. So, in the meantime, I'm removing the

Andy Lester => => => AIM:petdance

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