ack 1.88 is released

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Andy Lester

Feb 7, 2009, 3:05:11 PM2/7/09
1.88 Sat Feb 7 13:51:35 CST 2009
ack-standalone no longer exists. ack is now built from ack-base.
What used to be called "ack-standalone" is now just "ack."

ack has a new plugin system, so you can build plugins to search
whatever filetype you want. The plugin API is not yet set in

The plugin system has not been optimized. ack is about 1/3rd
slower than before.

Added support for .hrl Erlang header files. Thanks, Richard

Added support for --rake files, which are also --ruby files.

Fixed a bug where files ending in "Makefile" were mistakenly
identified as Makefiles.

We now use the C<-p> file test operator to see if input is
coming from a pipe, rather than than faking it with C<-t> and
C<eof>. Thanks to Sitaram Chamarty.

Created a new etc/ directory and its first addition, a bash
auto-completion file from Adam James.

Clarified the licensing information that hand-waved "under the
same terms as Perl itself."

Andy Lester => => => AIM:petdance

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