ack 2.04 released

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Andy Lester

Apr 27, 2013, 8:28:23 AM4/27/13

ack 2.04 has just been released. ack is a grep-like tool optimized for searching source code.

This is the first release after the initial 2.02 release and fixes much of the slowness in the 2.02 release.

2.04 Fri Apr 26 22:47:55 CDT 2013
ack now runs on a standard Perl 5.8.8 install with no module updates.
The minimum Perl requirement for ack is now explicitly 5.8.8. Anything
before 5.8.8 will not work, and we've added checks. Thanks, Michael

ack was colorizing captured groups even if --nocolor was given.
Thanks, Dale Sedivic.

The --shell file type now recognizes the fish shell.

We now ignore minified CSS or Javascript, in the form of either *.css.min
or *.min.css, or *.js.min or *.min.js.

Added support for the Dart language.

ack 2.02 was much slower than ack 1.96, up to 8x slower in some cases.
These slowdowns have been mostly eliminated, and in some cases ack 2.04
is now faster than 1.96.

Andy Lester => => => AIM:petdance

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