ack 2.08 is released

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Andy Lester

Aug 23, 2013, 6:13:15 PM8/23/13
ack 2.08 has been released.  ack 2.06 was released for about 15 minutes until I realized that it was incorrectly versioned, so I deleted it.

As always, thanks for the help from everyone who's contributed, especially those named in the change log below.

Here are the changes:

2.08    Thu Aug 22 23:11:45 CDT 2013
ack now ignores CMake's build/cache directories by default.  Thanks,
Volodymyr Medvid.

Add shebang matching for --lua files.

Add documentation for --ackrc.

Add Elixir filetype.

Add --cathy option.  Thanks to Joe McMahon.

Add some helpful debugging tips when an invalid option is found.
Thanks to Charles Lee.

Ignore PDF files by default, because Perl will detect them as text.

Ignore .gif, .jpg, .jpeg and .png files.  They won't normally be
selected, but this is an optimization so that ack doesn't have to
open them to know.

Ack's colorizing of output would get confused with multiple sets
of parentheses.  This has been fixed.  (Issue #276)

Ack would get confused when trying to colorize the output in
DOS-format files.  This has been fixed.  (Issue #145)

2.05_01 Tue May 28 10:12:04 CDT 2013
We now ignore the node_modules directories created by npm.  Thanks,
Konrad Borowski.

--pager without an argument implies --pager=$PAGER.

--perl now recognizes Plack-style .psgi files.  Thanks, Ron Savage.

Added filetypes for Coffescript, JSON, LESS, and Sass.

Command-line options now override options set in ackrc files.

ACK_PAGER and ACK_PAGER_COLOR now work as advertised.

Fix a bug resulting in uninitialized variable warnings when more
than one capture group was specified in the search pattern.

Make sure ack is happy to build and test under cron and other
console-less environments.

Colored output is now supported and on by default on Windows.

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