ack 1.92 is released

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Andy Lester

Dec 11, 2009, 12:54:26 PM12/11/09
1.92 Fri Dec 11 11:47:56 CST 2009

ack is now hosted at github:

The --pager flag would not work. Now it does. Thanks Packy

File matching for Emacs work files that match #*# was wrong.
It was checking the entire path, not just the basename. This
is fixed. (

Fixed URLs that pointed to old Google Code.

Added Scala support. Thanks to Dan Sully.

Added .phtml as an extension for PHP.

Using -f or -g now return a proper error code. If files are
found, ack returns 0. If none are found, ack returns 1. This
is a change in the specification, but the code didn't match the
specfication anyway.

No man pages are created for any of the .pm files any more.

Andy Lester => => => AIM:petdance

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