acer_acpi 0.10 RC1 released

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Carlos Corbacho

Oct 15, 2007, 12:31:44 PM10/15/07
Hello all,

To try to avoid the problems of acer_acpi releases not being tested on enough
hardware (i.e. WMID hardware), I am putting out a release candidate, in the
hope that any potential bugs can be shaken out before the final 0.10 release.

Upstream distributors: Please do not ship the release candidates (or if you
do, please mark them as experimental/ unstable/ etc, to make it clear that
these are not the final, stable release).

Changes since 0.9.1:

1) Add a new driver, wmi-acer. This is a WMI-to-ACPI mapper, which tries to
resemble what an upstream version of this driver might look like. acer_acpi
now relies on this to call into ACPI, rather than trying to do so directly.

This also means we now no longer rely on hardcoded ACPI paths, which _might_
fix support for the Aspire 5720 (this should be a WMID laptop, but doesn't
work with 0.9.1 and earlier).

2) Convert acer_acpi to a platform driver, plus various other cleanups, fixes.

For installing/ loading the driver, nothing should change. 'modprobe
acer-acpi' should automagically load wmi-acer for you first, then load

Ideally, I'm trying to move acer_acpi to such a point that all that is
required to submit it upstream is to remove the ifdef'ed code for /proc and
old kernels support (this code will remain in the out-of-tree acer_acpi

3) Source code

To anyone interested in following the source code - I have changed acer_acpi
over to Git, and the source repository is here:

(DSDTs, data and the wiki will remain in the Google subversion repository)

GPG Key ID: 0x23EE722D

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