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Carlos Corbacho

Feb 8, 2008, 9:17:58 AM2/8/08
The upstream port of acer_acpi, acer-wmi, has now been accepted upstream and
is currently in Linus' linux-2.6 git tree.

The first kernel release to include it will be 2.6.25-rc1.

From now on, acer_acpi will go into bugfix mode, and will only be supported
for pre-2.6.25 kernels. All development work will switch to acer-wmi, and new
features will not be backported.

There are a few differences between it and acer_acpi:

1) /proc support has been dropped - wireless, bluetooth and threeg files can
be found in /sys/devices/platform/acer-wmi. The mail LED and brightness are
exposed through the LED and backlight subsystems, respectively, and can be
found in /sys/devices/platform/acer-wmi/led/acer-wmi/
and /sys/devices/platform/acer-wmi/backlight/acer-wmi/, respectively

2) The temperature override and the touchpad status reading quirks have been
dropped - the former I have never really been happy with, and the latter
duplicates functionality in the synaptics driver.

3) The keyboard quirk has been moved out of acer-wmi, and into the i8042

What I need:

1) acer-wmi has so far only been tested on AMW0 (V1) - i.e. my Aspire 5020.
Although is is quite similar to acer_acpi in many respects, I would prefer to
get it a bit more thoroughly tested on different hardware first.

So if you're feeling _really_ brave, feel free to check out the linux-2.6 git.
Otherwise, when the 2.6.25-rc's come out, testing would be much appreciated.

2) As mentioned in the 0.11 release message; if you have, or know anyone who
does, have an Acer laptop that has a 3G card built in (i.e. not just the
button), please get in touch with me, as we need more data before we are able
to auto-detect 3G (for now, the sysfs file is always created on WMID & AMW0
V2 laptops).

3) For anyone who has a laptop with a 3G button, regardless of whether they
have 3G built in or not - what scancode does the 3G button produce if
pressed/ switch produce if moved (i.e. what, if any, error message appears in
dmesg, or what keycode is produced?). If you're unsure what I want, but have
the relevant hardware, please contact me directly on this.

Future work:

rfkill support - When it can be made to work, then those laptops that have
properly mapped their bluetooth and wireless button scancodes will be able to
turn those features on and off by just pressing the buttons, as in Windows.

Autoloading for non Acer laptops - this is dependent on some other work to the
generic WMI driver that hasn't gone in yet, and cannot be enabled by default
(hopefully, this will be fixed in 2.6.26).

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