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Carlos Corbacho

Aug 2, 2007, 9:01:46 AM8/2/07
Hello all,

It's release time again:

Visible user changes:

1) "enabled: X" support has now been _REMOVED_. So from now on, please just

echo 1 > /proc/acpi/acer/wireless

If you have any scripts using this, please update them.

2) Fixed AMW0 values on return from suspend-to-disk. Also, on return from
suspend-to-disk, acer_acpi will now also restore all devices to the
pre-suspend state.

3) For the Aspire 5020 and TravelMate 2490 (many thanks to Petr Tomasek for
the TravelMate 2490 EC work), support has been added to access new features
through directly accessing the Embedded Controller. Unfortunately, we don't
know how portable this is, so it is limited to just those laptop series' for

AMW0 users: Please try loading acer_acpi with "force_series=5020". You will
get a new entry in /proc/acpi/acer, 'brightness'. You should be able to read
and write to this (writing to this is currently limited to 'root' at the
moment). Values are between 0 (minimum backlight brightness) and 15 (maximum
backlight brightness).

Also, please check the values of /proc/acpi/acer/wireless and mailled are
correct, since with the 5020, we can now read the real values directly from
the EC (if you have bluetooth, please get in touch, as I need information
from you).

WMID users: Please try loading acer_acpi with "force_series=2490". The main
new features are "mailled" (0=off, 1=on), "touchpad" (read only), which
displays whether the touchpad has been disabled via the Fn+F7 combination
(0=off, 1=on).

Both: "temperature_override" can be used to change the temperature at which
the fan comes on.

If: Either "5020" or "2490" works for you out-of-the-box, please contact me to
tell me which one, and with the following so we can add support to acer_acpi:

A) Your laptop
B) The output of:

dmidecode --string system-manufacturer
dmidecode --string system-product-name


If they don't work, then we need more information from you. If you would like
to help out, then please see this (work in progress, so might change

4) And to reiterate (in case anyone skipped to the end of this e-mail ;-):

"enabled: X" support really has now been _REMOVED_. So from now on, please
just use:

echo 1 > /proc/acpi/acer/wireless

If you have any scripts using this, please update them.

GPG Key ID: 0x23EE722D

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