acer_acpi 0.10 released

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Carlos Corbacho

Dec 16, 2007, 9:30:49 AM12/16/07
Hello all,

The next stable release of acer_acpi is out - 0.10 is finally here!

So, the big changes are:

1) acer_acpi is now split into two drivers: wmi-acer (which handles talking to
ACPI), and acer_acpi (which now talks to wmi-acer, instead of directly
talking to ACPI).

You should still just need to load acer_acpi - it will take care of loading
wmi-acer for you.

This change, however, means acer_acpi can now support a lot of the newer Acer
laptops that are out. Hopefully though, after the long RC cycle, 0.10
shouldn't have any regressions from 0.9.1 (if it does, please file a bug).

2) On Acer systems with a 2.6.23 kernel or newer, acer_acpi should now also be
automatically loaded.

3) More EC support (Acer Aspire 5650, 3100, 5100 and 9420), and fixes for
currently supported laptops (Acer Aspire 5630 and 9300).

The future:

I am currently working on an upstream port of acer_acpi, acer-wmi, which can
be found on the Linux ACPI mailing list, so most of my work is focused there.

For the 0.11 release, I'm aiming to do some hardware autodetection for newer
laptops. To this end, I've added a new
file, /sys/devices/platform/acer_acpi/devices. If this file exists on your
system (it won't be available on AMW0 v1 machines, like mine :), then can you
please send me the value it reports, and whether you have bluetooth,
wireless, etc installed on your laptop.

GPG Key ID: 0x23EE722D

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