Testing ace.js in Selenium using python and headless Chromedriver

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Ray Gallagher

Jan 6, 2021, 3:52:51 PMJan 6
to Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor (Ace)
Hey folks, having trouble getting ace.js to respond when trying to test via Selenium.

When using chrome as a headless browser (or in Selenium Grid) ace.js does not respond the same way as a non-headless browser.

I was unable to set text directly on DOM elements that make up ace, so I wrote the following js snippet to set the value:

ace.edit('id_editor').setValue("text value")

Which, when sent through Selenium, works when using a non-headless browser.

Any chance you guys might know why ace.js responds differently when used in a headless context? And how it might be possible to get it to respond in the same way as non-headless?



Ray Gallagher

Jan 7, 2021, 7:27:17 AMJan 7
to Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor (Ace)
Guys this turned out to be a timing issue with Selenium. Ace.js is working just fine :)
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