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Jul 30, 2021, 5:40:28 PMJul 30
to Cloud9 Editor (Ace)
Hello  Harutyun,

I am calling findAll to get some data at particular range.
But range column is getting ignore and row 5  is completely searched.
Accordingly to range below it should stop at row 5 and column 8, but i am getting all match till end of row 5. Can you please check if am doing something wrong.

Here is my code. 

var newrange = new self.range(0, 0, 4, 8);
//Default Values
 var options = {
            backwards: false,
            regExp: false,
            range: newrange,
            wrap: false,
            caseSensitive: true,
            skipCurrent: false,
            wholeWord: true,
            preventScroll: true

var editor = ace.edit(ID);
editor.findAll(findStr, options)
var range = editor.getSelection().getAllRanges();
return range;

Aug 6, 2021, 5:12:40 PMAug 6
to Cloud9 Editor (Ace)
Hello  Harutyun,

I just made a example... Please visit the link below and test findAll.
As i mentioned, findAll function is ignoring column range..

click find & findall buttons in example and check console for result...
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