Filtering Asset Link data

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Michael Dixon

Feb 22, 2021, 9:32:35 PM2/22/21
to Accelo Developers
I am trying to filter Asset Link data as per by using the date filters, but it looks like this isn't working.

The API doco says I can use standard date filters using "date_start" and "date_end", but the fields in the object are actually called "start_date" and "end_date".  This is the first problem as the date filtering doco mentions that the standard should be "<date_field>_before" and "<date_field>_after".

I have tried both "date_start" and "start_date" when constructing the date filter, but neither seems to work anyway.  i.e.:


Regardless of syntax I still get *all* asset link records.

Has anyone managed to successfully filter asset links via the API?

Nick Clark

Mar 7, 2021, 8:10:03 PM3/7/21
to Accelo Developers
Hi Michael, 

I've been informed that this is a bug however there is a workaround you can use today, and I can confirm this has worked in my testing. Could you please try the following request:
The double use of date is required but should give you the information you require.

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