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Oct 22, 2018, 3:02:02 AM10/22/18
to Accelerate
Hi, Basic stuff here as I'm new at this really.

I change the stack.yaml file as instructed and put the code in the Main.hs file. Since I'm using Stack exclusively I'll use Stack files and commands.

After a couple of runs of "stack ghci" I end up with:
"- accelerate" in the package.yaml dependencies (no surprise there it needs the package)
"- accelerate-" in the stack.yaml extra-deps (suggested by stack)

The first import of Data.Array.Accelerate now works, but the second module Data.Array.Accelerate.LLVM.Native is not found.

How do I get the second module imported correctly?

As a side note I've had exactly the same ting on a Ubuntu machine and a Win10 machine. (The later is my real target as it has a reasonable graphics card., while Ubuntu was to investigate this issue.)

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