National All-Star Relay

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Dean Webb

Sep 22, 2007, 11:44:30 AM9/22/07
to Acadeccoaches
I have a set of papers dated June 2007 that I just got from my district
AcDec coordinator: they're from a USAD national committee and has Cary
Sell's (GA Academic Decathlon dude) name listed as the chair of the
committee. It describes adding an "All-star Relay" just after SQ OR.

They've been kicking it around since fall 2006. It will NOT be a
last-man-standing bee. It's going to be a relay, with teams made up from the
state all-stars.

There will be 4 all-star teams. Members of the teams get a t-shirt. The
teams answer 9 questions, and the team with the fewest right answers gets
eliminated each round. Winning team gets another t-shirt. Questions will not
include music, math, and art.

Teams will be arranged geographically... sort of... they do address the idea
of "powerhouse" teams, so look for a bit of a jumble, in the spirit of fun.
The other idea floated was random team assignment.

The audience will not see the questions as they're being worked on, but will
be encouraged to cheer. It also gives something fun to do while they handle
SQ appeals.

Texas plans to add this in 2009. Any other states considering this? Any
regions within states considering this?

Dean Webb
Berkner HS
Richardson, TX

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