Sunday long run -- Shark's Tooth

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Mar 25, 2011, 11:27:18 AM3/25/11
to AC-FC
In various conversations this week I think there is a concensus among
several of us to run flat and paved this Sunday, somewhere in the
neighborhood of 20-22 miles. All things considered I think a Shark's
Tooth run would fit the bill pretty well. Therefore I propose we meet
at Cottonwood Park at 8:00 am Sunday morning. The weather forecast is
quite frankly a bit iffy Sunday with highs only in the 40s, so there's
no need to start any earlier in my opinion.

The "Shark's Tooth" is a loop route encompassing Overland Trail,
Poudre Trail, and Spring Creek Trail. I think it clocks in at 21+
miles all told. There are ways to cut short the loop if you don't
want to run that far, including taking Vine from Overland to Taft Hill
and then the Poudre Trail, thus cutting out the barrens, and taking
lemay/stover from Poudre to Spring Creek (running by our old house on
Endicott) and cutting off the tip of hte tooth where the Poudre and
Spring Creek trails meet out east of town.

As it is a loop course we can actually meet pretty much anywhere along
the loop to start, somehoe Cottonwood park just seems to be the place
we normally meet, so it's as good of a place as any.

Here's a map of the run, this person starts and finished at Edora Park
but you get the idea:

Mr. Furious

Mar 26, 2011, 5:05:50 PM3/26/11
to AC-FC
I'm definitely in.

Tina Stoner

Mar 26, 2011, 7:05:54 PM3/26/11
me too

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