Getting Page Data when Parallel Crawling

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Jun 10, 2021, 4:24:15 PM6/10/21
to Abot Web Crawler
I'm using the current version of Abot / AbotX (2.1.12) and using the demo code.  I see how to 'see' the individual page data when I run any of the demos other than 'DemoParallelCrawlerEngine()' by using the PageCrawlCompleted event handler.  But when doing DemoParallelCrawlerEngine(), I don't see how to get individual page data - the only events getting handled here are SiteCrawlStarting and SiteCrawlCompleted.  I would expect to find page data in the 'sender' of SiteCrawlCompleted, but I don't see any page data here.  Am I missing something obvious?


Rob Jones

Jun 23, 2021, 8:13:17 PM6/23/21
to, Abot Web Crawler

There is a clear example in the docs here under ParallelCrawlerEngine. See the code snippet with the comment "//Register for crawler level events. These are Abot's events!!!"

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