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ghislain borremans

Jun 20, 2021, 3:19:20 AM6/20/21
to Abot Web Crawler
When crawling, i notice on every page there is a cookie request. With the "IsSendingCookiesEnabled = true,", i thought this would disappear.
However, as the cookies are not confirmed ( this is normally done by the user in a screen version and not in the headless version ), how can it save the cookies at first ?
Can i access the site first with firefox, then save the cookies and then let the site be crawled so that the cookie question no longer appears ?
Is the user agent important for the recognition of the cookies ?


Jun 23, 2021, 8:10:21 PM6/23/21
to ghislain borremans, Abot Web Crawler
Can you give me a more concrete example or even better a very easy case to reproduce please? Ie...

I'm trying to crawl http://blah.com and... 
Through a browser i see this...
Abotx is only showing me this...

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Jul 1, 2021, 7:29:48 PM7/1/21
to ghislain borremans, Abot Web Crawler

IsSendingCookiesEnabled = true tells Abot/AbotX to resend any cookies that are returned in the http response from the crawled page.  Specifically the Set-Cookie header. The banner that you are talking about is shown until you click it (which then sets another cookie, i suspect). If you would like to not see the banner on the first request then you would need to see what cookie gets set when you click the button (in a regular browser) and manually add it by overriding the PageReqester.BuildHttpClientHandler method (adding it to the CookieContainer). I don't see a way to do this automatically (without digging deep into it).

Hope that helps

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