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ABOS [Association of Bookmobile & Outreach Services; abos-outreach.com)] hosts this group [a.k.a. "listserv".]  

We Speak Outreach!   To join, please email webmaster@abos-outreach.com 

New to Outreach? Questions are welcomed.  Answers and ideas shared.  An Experienced Veteran?  Share your knowledge!   Mentors wanted.

--> You may be doing outreach services by yourself, but you are not alone... somewhere, someone has had a similar challenge and will share strategies to help or point you in the direction to get more info. <--

We  care deeply about providing quality bookmobile and outreach services to meet diverse community and programming needs. We realize that our outreach colleagues are a valuable resource for  ideas, information, support, inspiration and connections.  Our purpose is to promote discussion among public library staff (and other interested parties) who provide outreach and/or bookmobile services.  *** All content is public. All content is searchable. ***