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Sofía Matuš

Mar 19, 2022, 12:01:12 AM3/19/22
to abjad-user
Hello everyone!

Is it possible for abjad to read a .ly file? I was following the examples but I get the error "module 'abjad' has no attribute 'lilypond'"

I'm wondering if there is a way of creating a score on proportional notation through abjad working with a lilypond file.
Broadly speaking, I have a project in the software TouchDesigner where I have a set of curves that define midi values (time pitch velocity and duration), the data from the curves are translated onto midi arrays and then onto a .ly file. but then, the written .ly file is messed up so I'm now thinking maybe is best to work with proportional notation (just lines, strokes or dots to build a kind of abstract score).

Please let me know if you think this would be possible using abjad, or if I'm so so lost :') 
Appreciate any help, thoughts or anything,

Martín Rincón Botero

Mar 19, 2022, 4:09:53 AM3/19/22
to Abjad-User
Hi Sofía,

as far as I know abjad can't read lilypond files: it only produces them. Perhaps you can export the raw data (numbers?) from TouchDesigner? That data can be used and manipulated in Python/abjad.

That you get the error that abjad doesn't have the module "lilypond", could mean that you're trying to use that module on an older version of abjad. Upgrading should fix that part. That module doesn't read files but instead produces lilypond formatted output. For example, to print the contents in Lilypond format of a variable called "staff" on your terminal screen use print(abjad.lilypond(staff)).


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